Types of Nail Guns- What Types Should Use

Nail guns are designed to drive nails into the wood. It eliminates the use of a hammer. If you handle a lot of home improvement projects, it is better to make use of a nail gun instead of a hammer. It will save you a lot of energy and time. There are different types of nail guns. Knowing the types of nail guns in the market and the purpose each of them serves will help you make the right choice for your type of project. In this article, we shall be discussing the different types of nail guns so you can make an informed choice.

List of 13 Different Types of Nail Guns

You can find the several types of nail guns below to find out the ones that suit your type of task

Framing Nail Gun:

A framing nail gun is one of the best nail guns you can find in the market. It is usually used for large woodworks or projects. These large woodworks include framing houses, basement recreation room, construction houses and building decks. This type of nail gun is powerful and effective. It is mostly made for industrial use. This nail gun can drive in nails that are as long as 2½” to 3½”. There are two types of framing nail gun – round head and clipped head.

Finishing Nail Gun:

The finishing nail gun is perfect for lighter projects. It is heavy and can handle panelling, interior mouldings and trim work. It can be used to build a cabinet and furniture. This type of nail gun has lighter and shorter gauge nails with short lengths. It can accommodate 14 to 16 nail gauges. The nail gun drives in the nail of sizes between 1” to 2½” long. You can easily nail oak and pine with the finishing nail gun.

Roofing Nail Gun:

As the name implies, this type of nail gun is specifically made for roofing projects. The nail gun sets the depth of how deep a nail can go. So, if you have a roofing work to do, this is the ideal nail gun for your projects. It is also portable making it easy to handle.

Pneumatic Roofing Nail Gun:

This nail gun works with an air compressor. This is a more reliable source of power. It is an excellent tool for working on the roof. There are no headaches of swapping batteries or loading gas cartridges with this type of pneumatic nailing tool.

Flooring Nail Gun:

When it comes to flooring, it requires some skills. This makes the flooring nail gun a speciality tool. Flooring should not be attached hard to the frame because it can cause some issues when the frame starts to expand and contract due to the weather. This is why this nail gun is seen as a speciality tool.

Brad Nail Gun:

This is a very versatile nail gun. It is well recommended for beginners who are woodworkers. It can handle different types of woodworking projects. Good for trim work and general household repairs. The nail length is from ½” to 2”. It has 18 gauge nails.

Palm Nail Gun:

The palm nail gun or palm nailer is a type of nail gun that can be held in the palm. It is lighter than other nail guns making it easy and comfortable to operate. This nail gun can drive in nails very fast at the speed of light. You can connect it to an air compressor for greater power. It can be used to drive in nails that are between 1.5 to 3.5 inches. This nail gun can handle projects that involve ceilings, edges and corners.

Sliding Nailer:

This is the perfect nail gun for side nailing. It is the latest in the world of nail guns. The framing nailer used to be the nail gun used for this type of task. Since the introduction of the sliding nailer into the market, it has become the best side nailing tool. It keeps the siding materials very safe.

Staple Gun:

The staple gun is the most common nail gun for furniture. This type of nail gun needs no oil. So, there is no issue of oil splashes when using it making it easy to maintain. There won’t be marks on the surface of the furniture if you use the staple gun. Don’t use it for the finishing of carpentry works.

Electric Nail Gun:

If you are new to using nail guns, the electric nail gun is highly recommended. It weighs less when compared to pneumatic nail guns. The nail gun is easy to handle and can be used by a large number of persons. It produces less noise making it perfect for residential areas. The tool requires no oiling. You don’t have to power it with an air compressor. It is affordable than pneumatic nail guns.

Battery Nail Gun:

As the name implies, this is a battery-powered nail gun. It is similar to air-powered nail guns. It comes with an internal compressor. So, you don’t have to spend extra money purchasing a compressor or hose. It has increased power and comes in a cordless design. This nail gun is flexible. It is suitable for both hardwood and softwood.

Air Nail Gun:

Air nail guns work with compressed air. This is a very useful tool especially for carpenters as it drives in nails pretty quickly. If there is insufficient air, the tool comes with a pump that can be used to refill air. Use it with oil-less compressor for greater results. It is capable of nailing between 40 and 60 nails per minute.

Coil Nail Gun:

The coil nail gun can be used for framing alongside the framing nail gun. It comes with a drum for the loading of more than 100 nails. Its loading style is like that of machine-gun bullets. As it loads enough nails, this nail gun can complete a small roofing project without reloading the nails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Operate My Nail Gun?

Answer: First thing is to look at the user manual for instructions.

Q: How Do I Choose the Right Nail Gun?

Answer: There are different types of nail guns. Choosing a nail gun depends on the task you want to achieve with it.

Q: What Are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Nail Gun?

Answer: These are the three things to bear in mind when choosing a nail. One, the gauge size. This concerns the size of nails the nail gun can drive into the wood. Two, the power. It is either a pneumatic, combustion or battery-powered and three, the weight of the nail gun.

Final Verdict

You can get confused on the right nail gun suited for your type of job. There may need to purchase more than one nail gun to make your job easier. After reading the article thoroughly, you will be convinced of the types of nail guns to choose.

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