How to Remove Car Stains? Tips for Exterior & Interior

If you are the type of soul, who repairs his cars and works in an oily and greasy environment of Garages regularly, you may often find greasy stains in your vehicle.

Oil or Grease stains are difficult to remove from your vehicles or clothes; even the leather seats tend to stick with greases and oils. Due to not being a water-based substance, it is very tough to remove these stains. Cleaning greasy spots with water will only encourage it to spread.

But with the right guidance and some primary products, you will able to clean up stains easily.   Here is a palpable guide on How to Remove Car Stains from your precious Vehicles.

How to Remove Interior Exterior Car Stains?

Regions That Are Attracted to Grease Stains of Any Car:

Counting every car parts down to its screw, it consists of 30,000 parts. Most of the pieces are of distinctive material, so each of them reacts inconsistently with greases. So the treatment of removing greases depends on what material you are treating. Generally, we have to remove grease stains from some distinctive parts. They are as follows:

Car Exterior:

  • Paint
  • Car Interior:
  • Upholstery
  • Carpet

What You Will Need:

To degrease any greasy stains, you will need some very fundamental kitchen essentials. Here is a surprisingly basic list of things you will need to have access to:

  • Water
  • Paper Towels (white)
  • Grease-fighting dishwashing liquid
  • Nail brush or toothbrush
  • Metal paint scraper, knife, or plastic spoon.
  • Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Lemon

How to Remove Grease Stain:

The cleaning process of Greasy stains is different for different regions of a car. In general, the grease removal process is earmark by materials or car surfaces. You have two choices: either start the procedure by finishing the exterior part of the car or assigning material type.

Car Exterior or Car Paint:

Car paint is a volatile substance when it comes in contact with a degreaser. Degreaser claims to degrease your car without harming your car paint, but they don’t live up to that expectations. But fear not, after hundreds of trial and error, here is an impeccable guide for you to remove grease stains from your car paint.

Step 1: Make a Degreasing Solution

To make a degreasing solution for your car exterior, mix One cup of distilled white vinegar, one tablespoon of baking soda, One or two drops of lemon juice/essential oils, and 1/4 cups detergent soap. Keep it aside in a spray bottle.

Step 2: Steam Heat the Towel and Remove Dirt From the Grease

Take the white cloth towel, then damp it into hot water. After squeezing all the water out, clean the car exterior’s greasy stain region for the first time. This step helps to tone or prepare for degreasing.

Step 3: Degreasing

The degreasing solution you made earlier now comes into play. Immediately after toning up, spray the solution into the greasy stains. Using a toothbrush, rub the stained areas, and Voila! The greases will come off quickly.

Step 4: Tone up Before Waxing

Repeat the second process. But instead of hot water, use chilled water. That will help to remove the residual dirt.

Step 5:  Apply Wax

Now, your car is free of grease, and the stains are looking light. So, it is time to make the vehicle shinier. This option is optional. But who doesn’t want a new looking Car? Polish the paint using a market bought wax.

Grease Stain Removal for Car Interior:

Removing grease stains from the Upholstery or Carpet of a car is pretty straightforward. There are various methods popular among the car wash junkies. But we have tested every possible way to remove grease stain effectively; the best modes are as follows:

Cleaning Upholstery with Market Bought Degreaser:

Scrape off Excess Grease: Remove the greases and stain, keeping the nail brush or a scraper at an angle to remove as much.

Bloat Away the Grease: While the stain is still dumping after using Market bought degreaser, bloat away all the micro grease with your bloating towel.

Clean Fabric Upholstery With Dish Soap

Spray Dishwashing Soap to the Stains: Spray some dishwashing soap and rub it with fingertips gently.

Add Water on the Grease Stains: Apply mild-warm water to the stains so that the dish soap can settle. Then gently brush the area with a scraper or toothbrush.

Blot up Excess Soap: Don’t wipe the liquid; bloat it with a cloth towel so it cant spread.

Remove the Dishwashing Soap: Use a mild warm dampen cloth to remove the dishwashing soap. Repeat the 3rd and 4th a few time until you see a desirable result.

Remove Grease Stains From the Carpet:

Remove Excess Grease: Use any scraper or knife carefully at an angle to remove excess grease or oil from the carpet zone.

Place a Paper Bag on the Stain: Use a paper bag or a paper towel on the area of grease stains.

Iron Over Paper Bag: Iron over the paper towel with medium heat, so that nothing burns.

Spray Liquid Carpet Shampoo: Spray a generous amount of shampoo and brush it with a toothbrush.

Remove Excess Liquid: Bloat away any excess amount of liquid using a clean towel or cloth until the carpet is dry.

Additional Tips and Advice:

While all the methods and procedures above are safe, before using special dishwashing or degreasing liquid, always read the level.

When bloating away excess greases, always use upward lifting motion until everything clears up. Use a paper towel for the best result.

Your local grocery shop probably has so many pre-treat grease stain liquid, use it as precautions. So the greases will be less likely to stick.

It is easier to treat fresh grease stains than an old one, so always be ready.

If you are using WD-40, always use it for old greases and use a very tiny amount.

Some might say Coca-Cola is the best method to treat greasy stains, but it is not that effective as it might leave scars. So stick to standard procedures.

Once in a while, clean your car by the professionals.

Grease stains on a car and its accessory are prevalent household issues, but you have to be aware of its harmful effect on your health and mind. Greases tend to stick dirt and bacteria, so it may transfer germs and bacteria when it comes in touch with your children. For the sake of health issues and the aesthetic look of your vehicle, try to treat grease stain as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more informative articles on your household-keeping skills.

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