How to Prime a Grease Gun? 10 Steps with Troubleshooting Tips

A grease gun is a must-have if you have a mechanical workshop or facility. The use of a grease gun helps you to lubricate moving parts of different types of machines easily. It can be used for the application of grease on U-joints in a vehicle’s driveshaft, ball joints, wheel bearings or rod ends. If you are using a grease gun, you would want it to perfectly distribute grease all across. This can only be achieved by priming the grease gun properly before pointing the gun’s nozzle to the equipment you want to lubricate. If you just purchased your grease gun, the first thing to do is to prime it before loading it with grease.

Priming the grease gun means you have to get rid of air inside it. In this article, we are going to show you a step-by-step guide on how to prime a grease gun, how to load a grease gun and some useful and well answered frequently asked questions (FAQs).

How to Prime a Grease Gun-Steps Are Given Below

Grease Gun Priming Directions

Priming a grease gun is not a difficult task. All you need is a few tricks to help to bleed air out of the tool to make the grease move smoothly through the hose or extension. Follow the below steps to get your grease gun well primed and ready for action.

  1. The first thing is to unscrew the barrel of the grease gun from the head
  2. Next, completely extend the follower rod. Then, lock it off to the side to make the rod stay extended
  3. Next, you have to detach the top cover from the cartridge of grease
  4. Now, put in the open end of the cartridge of grease
  5. The accessible end of the cartridge should be opened using the metal tab. After that, throw away the metal tab. It is not useful
  6. It is now time to screw back the grease gun’s head into the barrel
  7. The follower rod should now be release to retract back into the barrel. This can be done by pulling the rod out of its locked location
  8. Now, start to pump the grease gun
  9. The moment the grease begins to flow out of the coupler, tighten the barrel.
  10. Start to grease your equipment

If you have followed the above steps and you are still having issues priming your grease gun? Follow these troubleshooting tips to force out air from the airlocks.

  1. Start by unscrewing the barrel from the head of the grease gun almost at one-full rotation. Then, start pumping. A wheel bearing is a significant part of this.
  2. Next is to unscrew the air bleeder valve that is situated at the top of the grease gun head. Do 3 to 5 turns until when you hear a popping noise. Start pumping again.
  3. The follower rod should now be pulled out. Try to spin it using the T-Pull while pulling it straight down. You will feel it when it drops slightly and lock into the follower plate. Once it is locked, you can then push up on the T-Pull to force grease toward the grease gun head.

How to Load the Grease Gun Properly

After priming the grease gun, the next thing is to load it with grease. Follow the steps below to properly load the grease gun.

  1. Firstly, loose up the grease gun head
  2. Next is to pull back the plunger and secure it in place
  3. Unscrew the head. Next is to push out the empty cartridge alongside the plunger
  4. Take out the cap from the grease cartridge
  5. In an open-side down position, place in the cartridge into the grease gun
  6. Now, pull off the metal tab completely
  7. Screw back the gun head. Now, try to loosen it in one or two turns
  8. Release the plunger and slide it back into the grease gun
  9. Tighten the grease gun head
  10. Begin to pump until the grease starts coming out

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Do I Clean a Grease Gun Properly?

Answer: There are steps and processes to follow to properly clean a grease gun. To start with, you have to remove the old grease cartridge from the grease gun. Get a clean cloth to remove all the debris, dust and residue from both the internal and external part of the nozzle. Use the appropriate solution to wash the external and internal parts of the tool. Rinse them in hot water so the debris and residue can be removed completely from the grease gun. Dry it properly before loading the grease gun again.

Q: What Is the Proper Way to Store a Grease Gun?

Answer: Store the cartridge tubes of grease in an upstanding position. But if the cartridge tube is left inside the grease gun, ensure that it is well cleaned by depressurizing it. If there are contaminants in the grease gun, ensure they are removed using a clean cloth. Place it in a flat position and the area must be cool and dry to avoid draining the oil.

Q: What Lubricant Is Best for My Grease Gun?

Answer: Choose a high-quality lubricant for your grease gun. This ensures that you have a free flow of grease when using the gun. There will be no build-up issues within the nozzle area if a high-quality lubricant is used. There will also be no leakage because the lubricant has sealing properties that eliminate the risk of corrosion.

Additional Questions & Answers

Q: When Should I Grease My Truck or Car?

Answer: This will depend on the specification of the truck or car. You will have to check out your car’s manual. It makes sense to grease the vehicle between oil changes. You can grease the car at least after 6,000 miles.

Q: What Are the Signs to Look Out for in the Case of Under-greasing or Over-greasing?

Answer: Over or under-greasing is always possible. There will always friction wear which causes excess heat and phony sounds as the signs of under-greasing while damaged seals and motor windings are the clear signs of over-greasing.

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